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Entourage:  40 mg  each Mini Fruit Slices  Total  600 mg 15 count

The Entourage blends have been made into potent edible combinations that are meant to bring you an experience that is as close to the medicinal cannabis that the hemp industry has to offer. You won’t find blends like these anywhere else. The Hybrid form of this edible is focused, a little energetic, a little relaxing, with a nice background body buzz, and it’s euphoric! You will get a perfectly balanced blend for an Indica soothed evening brought to you in the familiar form of gummies. These gummies are top of the line, indoor-grown, hand-trimmed, and third-party lab tested to ensure there are no metals, toxins, pesticides, or any harmful residuals.

As you may already know, hemp is naturally a Sativa plant, and when we say Hybrid, we aren’t actually referring to its scientific delineation necessarily (although it is technically correct in some respects of the hemp plant strains that exist), rather, we are referring to the euphoria profile that many smokers and medical patients are familiar with. This variation of Hybrid hemp is sure to bring you the full-spectrum pleasure of the entourage effect with a complete balanced buzz that gives focus, energy, and euphoria.

Utoya Entourage 40mg 15 count bag

SKU: 00300
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