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Hybrid Entourage Vape 1 Gram Cartridge

The Hybrid variant of the Entourage Vape is here to take you to a new level of euphoric possibilities, with scientifically formulated cannabinoid balances to bring you a unique, targeted, and truly incredible experience.

Consumer Notice: The Hybrid blend is not as thick as our Indica blend, however, it will likely require some warming up to get them started. You may want to use a higher power level on your vape battery to get it going. 

The  Entourage vape products are custom blended with THREE active cannabinoids Delta 8, THC-O, and HHC along with key supporting cannabinoids CBD, CBN, and CBG. All snuggled up in the first-ever solvent-free Live Resin Terpenes.

We have a supremely satisfying Hybrid, a powerful Indica, and a sky-high Sativa formula.


Utoya Entoruage Carto W/ Live Resin

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